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Patrice PaganoRoadster
Senior Marketing Manager
Asked a question 7 months ago

What kind of skills do you most value among employees? Has that changed once you introduced Digital Retailing into your store?

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My experience is this. In sales it is important to "hear" the customer and not just listen.  With hearing what they are saying you are learning who they are and ultimately what they need.  It's not about making the sale, it is about building a relationship. 

So, hearing is most valuable.  And when you incorporate that into the digital process the sales person needs to "hear" the words that are coming across that screen.  Ask questions and be personable so that the reltionship is being bult.  MR or MRS Potential customer needs to feel that the sales person is a person and not an AI on the other side ( when working thru emails, and text ).

Jim Butler
General Manager - Modern Toyota of Winston Salem

We have learned that one of the greatest skills for our BDC employees is curiosity.  How can we think outside the box by becoming "insanely curious" about problem solving for the consumer.  The processes are solid and the tools are extremely efficient but employee curiosity on how to better use these tools and processes enhance the consumer experience.

My experience with dealers who are embracing Roadster and digital sales has shown that hard-core negotiation and "selling skills" are becoming less important than consultative skills and the ability to elevate the customer experience. I would be curious to hear from others.

dominic sigouin
CEO - Noahvik Consultants

as always : emotionnal inteligence and empathy.  that this is the foundation