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Patrice PaganoRoadster
Senior Marketing Manager
Asked a question 4 months ago

What is one part of the sales process that you continue to try to improve?

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Listening to the customer and then meeting their needs.

Jim Butler
General Manager - Modern Toyota of Winston Salem

We are consistently working to improve the ability to match the showroom experience with the online experience.  Our goal is for the customer to see when they arrive what they felt when they were shopping.  Not having any drop off in meeting and exceeding their expectations requires great communication and preparation.

Time is the one part of the Sales Process that we continually try to improve. The more we keep the customer engaged with Roadster, the quicker the transaction is completed. The customers perception of time spent at dealer also goes down. 

dominic sigouin
CEO - Noahvik Consultants

Understanding the customer journey !

They always wanted total control... that we do it the way they want it :-)

Customer engagement is a consistent focus for us.  We are competing with every other entity, including social media for the customer's attention.  

Meeting customer expectations. Customers expect to be treated the same way whether online or in the showroom so we try to treat every customer that engages us online as if they were in front of us by offering them the same courtesies , level of service and respect as we would to anyone in our showroom.

all very great answers on this thread, time, experience, convenience etc... we are really focused on trying to align our finance process with our sales process, being on roadster since 2018 we have a sales process online and in store that has proven to be successful.. we won't be going to a one person model so we really are trying to mirror and improve our finance process to align with our sales process. would love to hear any feedback/success on finance processes with traditional turn to finance manager!