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Asked a question 3 months ago

For a dealer "just coming on board" with Roadster, what is the most important piece of advice you would give them?

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Embrace it and use it. This is the new age of car buying and what people want so take advantage of having another tool in the tool box.

Kyle Blankenship
Lexus Central Area Product Engagement & eCommerce Manager

It's 70% process & 30% tool. Sales processes need to be established that support the connection of online to in-store. These processes need to have accountability measures throughout with KPI's setup to track process commitment and success. However, establishing the processes is half the battle. Getting your people bought-in and engaged is the other half. I highly recommend having several meetings explaining the "why" behind the adoption of Roadster and the necessary process changes. Roadster is a tool that can help with the guest experience, help boost dealer profitability, help keep auto retail up to speed with consumer demands, and boost sales person efficiency, guest retention, and their earnings. Your entire team needs to be aware and understand all of that.  

don't just focus on the "digital retailing" piece of roadster, 90% of what makes this so successful is making the "in store" part of roadster apart of your sales process. we quickly re invented our sales process around the roadster tool including pay plans and such

Chad Yost
Finance Director/Internet Sales Manager

There will be hiccups because your dealership does xyz different from everyone else. Don't give up iron them out. Its worth it to get it right. 

How does it fit into my process (in-store process and remote).  It's not about the tool itself, it's about how you get the team to engage with it.  

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